Hello and welcome to stealth training. You will be given 15 stages and the goal of each stage is to reach the end without getting caught.

Good Luck.


WASD or Arrow Keys to move

Q and E or < and > to rotate camera

R to raise and lower camera

Made by Jesse Allas, Louis Bui, Jaren Gerdes, Santiago Morales and Annie Xu

Sounds credited to "frankum" and "eardeer"

Made withUnity
Tags3D, Abstract, bloom, Stealth


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I'm not good at puzzle games, nor stealth games, so this is a tough game for me. In any case, the level design and the map elements really stood out to me. I think the visuals and the music really fit well together, and the game feels really intense. Also 15 levels is very impressive. 

The sound effect for the green enemies was neat, but I think the effect would keep going even when I stepped off the aggro zone. 

Also, I didn't play the later levels, but I was very excited thinking about the levels that would combine a lot of the elements introduced as the game went on.
Great work!

Awesome work all!

Bugs: The Shadow Mooses button doesn't seem to work for me in the level select. I kept accidentally going back through the teleporter in the last level (the one closest to the start) felt like the way I came out of the teleporter was awkward with trigger hitboxes or something like that. 

Is the camera for hallway different than all the other levels?

Level Design notes: some of the levels felt like they did a very good job at forcing me to learn a mechanic, but some of them felt like I could reach the end without seeing the whole level or thinking too much. As a player I much preferred the levels that I felt like I had to learn from a situation.

Did you go through VGDC's audio strike for audio?

Overall,  its got a great look and feel